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Listing provides an exclusive privilege to securities in the stock exchange. Only listed shares are quoted on the stock exchange. Stock exchange facilitates transparency in transactions of listed securities in perfect equality and competitive conditions. Listing is beneficial to the company, to the investor, and to the public at large.
IPO Performance Tracker - 2020
IPOs in the year {{P.TotalIPO}}
IPOs on BSE Main Board {{P.NoOfIpo}}
IPOs on BSE SME Segment {{P.NoOfSMEIpo}}
IPOs in Gain w.r.t. Issue Price {{P.IPOWithPositiveListingGain}}
IPOs in Loss w.r.t. Issue Price {{P.IPOWithListingLosses}}
IPOs in Gain on Listing Date {{P.IPOWithPositiveListingDayGains}}
IPOs in Loss on Listing Date {{P.IPOWithListingDayLosses}}
Corporate Announcements

Security LTP (₹) IPO Price(₹ Cr) Listing Date
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No Listing Scheduled
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Security Name Start Date End Date Offer Price () Face Value Type Of Issue Issue Status
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Circulars to Listed Companies
Circulars Date
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